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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Keyboard types and its functions

Keyboard is a standard input device. It is a important component of computer. because without keyboard, system won't start.

Keyboards are two types
  • Normal Keyboards or Standard keyboards
  • Multi-media keyboards
Normal Keyboards

Normal Keyboards are also called as 101 standard keyboards. It has 101 keys. These are old model keyboards. now all are using multimedia keyboards. Keys are Function keys, Alphanumeric keys, Arrow keys, calculator keys and Control keys.

Multimedia Keyboards:

Multimedia keyboards are latest keyboards, It has 102 to 125 keys. They are Function keys, Alphanumeric keys, Arrow keys, calculator keys, control keys and multimedia keys.

In this image, A keys are Multimedia keys, B keys are Function keys, C keys are Alphanumeric keys, D keys are control keys, E keys are Arrow keys and F keys are calculator keys.

Keyboards interfaces are two types, one is PS/2 and second is USB.  

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